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When was Avella created and who created it?

What makes Avella different?

Where can I buy Avella products from?

What products do you offer?

How does the magnetic liner work?

How do I remove the eyeliner?

Are magnetic eyeliners suitable for sensitive skin?

How does Avella’s makeup remover sponge work?

How do starshine eye patches nourish my skin?

What are the lashes made of?

How long do the lashes last and how many times can I reuse the lashes?

What different lash styles do you offer?

Will the lashes be suitable for my eye shape?

How does the lash guide work?

Can I wear mascara with the lashes?

Is it hard to change the lashes at any given time?

Can I sleep with my lashes on?

How do I clean my lashes?

How do I remove and store my lashes?

What is the difference between the Lucia GOLD and Lucia SILVER Hologram Masks?

What other accessories do you offer?

How much is shipping?

Do you offer a refund?

How do I become an Avella Wholesaler?


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